Thursday Oct 06, 2022

Technology to Convert Bioactive Oils into Water-Soluble Powders for Foods and Beverages Debuts at Natural Products Expo West 2022

Technology to Convert Bioactive Oils into Water-Soluble Powders for Foods and Beverages Debuts at Natural Products Expo West 2022

Prodalim Resources Ltd. (Winter Garden, FL) will showcase prototypes of its Capsoil FoodTech platform for transforming bioactive petroleum compounds, such as nutritional oils, fat-soluble vitamins and lipid-based nutrients, into water-soluble powders. The company will be exhibiting at the upcoming Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California in March at Booth #167.

The Capsoil FoodTech platform transforms oil-based ingredients into an ultra-fine, self-emulsifying, water-soluble powder, enabling easier incorporation of these ingredients into a wide range of foods, beverages and expanded forms of supplements food.

Many popular oils, such as omega fatty acids, medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), and fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K, have limited applications in foods and supplements due to their lipophilic and of stability, according to the company. .

“Oil and water cannot mix according to the laws of nature,” explained Itay Shafat, PhD, chief scientific officer of Capsoil, in a press release. “With Capsoil, we have found a way to overcome this barrier and have created an advanced method for incorporating oil-based nutrients into water-based products. This opens the doors to products such as MCT-enriched juices or omega-enriched popsicles. Even hot beverages can be enhanced by infusing them with beneficial oils, such as vitamins A, D, E, and K, or hemp oils. The possibilities are limitless.”

The resulting powder is a dry, free-flowing powder that dissolves easily in hot or cold liquids, the company says. He adds, “Capsoil’s advanced production technology does not apply any form of extraction, solvent or thermal process, nor does it alter the nutritional profile of the oil. Capsoil powders contain 30% to 60% of the oil and its bioactive compounds, and the emulsion’s nanostructured particles possess a large surface area, improving the bioaccessibility and absorption of the encapsulated oil, which improves bioavailability. This may also result in lower dose requirements.

Capsoil also benefits supplement makers, helping them better utilize lipid-based ingredients like omega 3s in dry tablets, capsules, or sachets rather than in oil or capsule form, which some customers don’t. don’t like, according to the company.

The Prodalim Group produces natural fruit extracts and concentrates as well as other nutritional ingredients and was founded by Nir Ilani, who previously worked for Unilever, Frutarom and IFF, and Itay Shafat, PhD. The company’s R&D center is based in Israel, with production facilities in the United States


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